Face the music! Branding, web and print design for Wentworth Music Festival

A logo, a poster and a quick loading responsive website that sells tickets, for a new music festival. I love it when I get a project that covers all design disciplines for great cross branding experience.

One such recent project was Wentworth Music Festival. Working with a client I’ve had for many years they said ‘this is what we want, and this is the deadline.  It needed to be bright and punchy, but also put on show the spectacular venue itself, Wentworth Woodhouse. A large privately owned stately home outside of Rotherham.

Choice of font and colour scheme was a delicate process of finding something loud and energetic enough to capture the identity and vibrance of a music festival, while also being respectful of the venue. Chatting with the clients while knee deep in organising  big name bands , I put forward a big splash illustration. Working up detailed sketch of the venue would show it off with a lot more vibrancy than a photo alone could achieve. There was also a tight deadline and go live date. Four bold colour silhouettes of non specific singers and musicians meant the pre-publicity for the event could being while waiting for the confirmation of the big names to come.  After sign off the graphics were reformatted for social media covers and the project was- quite literally – read to rock!

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With over 18 years industry and design studio experience and a dedication to researching the latest design trends and web technology, it’s not just about creating a look and feel , but solving design problems. JCU is more than just the final product, it’s a design service.

Design is everywhere. Everywhere we look on an increasing number of  screens and  on signs of all sizes, each one seeking attention and engagement . JCU  understands the DNA of design communication and how to get you noticed. We do it with efficiency and impact for clients throughout the UK and overseas.

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How to make a podcast in WordPress and other software.

As a creative project I recently completed making a series of 8 podcasts.

There are many different ways to create a podcast. In this short video I explain the process I took.

I’ve used a handful of programs to create the content for my podcast which you can hear at bringabrickpodcast.com ;

The microphone is a Snowball Ice.

Audacity is used for editing the audio files. Also the Free Music archive offers creative commons licencing  for use of it’s music for beds and stings. A word of warning, it’s almost too easy to get lost for hours trying to find the right kind of music. Consequently, having a clear idea first,  before you start surfing.

Skype and MP3 recorder.
Most people already know Skype. MP3 recorder for Skype is a handy tool that records the audio via your microphone and complies them on two separate tracks. It only records outgoing calls, not incoming, which I found out the hard way.

The website.
WordPress does a great job of managing the content and creating a detailed RSS feed that podcasting repositories can pick on on. Using scheduled posts I was able to focus on recording a few 4 podcasts and, and then holding off, in order to set a regular schedule to release content. MP3tag was also a great tool for making the MP3 file itself look professional, with the ability to add a cover image which show up on podcasting feeds.

The feed,  stitcher & itunes
I’ve submitted my podcast to both itunes and stitcher, where listeners can to these apps to access the show on their devices. Wordpress has a great built in RSS feed facility.

A note on content.
Niche is good, as I’ve discovered from the research I’ve carried out. Why a podcast on applied improvisation? Podcasts are a saturated market, so creating content in niche markets is beneficial.

Finally as I mention in the video, this is just one way to create a podcast, and is only an overview of the process I have used.