Recent work: graphic recording, live scribing, live drawing…it has many names. Here I am trying to capture a 2 hour improv comedy session as it happens.


My work covers various disciplines:

  • Storyboarding for TV and cinema (contact me for samples)
  • Book and magazine commissions
  • Editorial illustrations
  • Digital illustration
  • TV and video production

The following sample are taken from a Brother commercial for Groundbreak productions. 

Illustration is something I’m massively passionate about, infographics and images that communicate the right message  with subtlety and emphasis.  I’ve created artwork  for celebrities,  leading industry  print publications,  news editorials and private commissions.

Providing creative illustration and animation work  all shapes and sizes for businesses and individuals, I create work for a broad range of clients. Here’s just a sample.

Moving people with interactive content.

Interactive content is one of the great strengths of the web. The ability to explain complex ideas in animation,  info-graphics and maps. With a little bit of creativity any topic can become compelling  entertainment.

I find it really rewarding when I create educational content. Over the years I’ve worked on some really exciting projects with clients such as the Manchester Children’s University, Cheshire city council recycling  and private pharmaceutical organisations.

We’re interacting all the time with our eyes mouths and ears. As a result a successful online project should engage and  communicate  effectively, leaving a behind a memorable experience. Websites, web content,  ad banners, presentations or learning applications utilising the latest HTML5 and responsive layouts,  JCU has the experience in web usability to  identify  the best approach and help create buzzworthy web content.

“As a new business I can’t over stress how important it’s been for me to have a great website. JCU  designed and a fantastic site for me and I am constantly told by customers that it’s the reason they’ve chosen me. JCU listened to what I wanted, researched my field and I now have a website that is amongst the best in my industry.”
Dom Woodward, Wacky Woody Entertainment

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