Working in a variety of disciplines from cartoon style character illustration to detailed technical cutaways, digital and TV production work. All illustration commissions are original, bespoke and created by me, John Cooper.

TV production illustration

Illustration is something I’m massively passionate about, infographics and images that communicate the right message  with subtlety and emphasis.  I’ve created artwork  for celebrities,  leading industry  print publications,  news editorials and private commissions.


Providing creative illustration and animation work  all shapes and sizes for businesses and individuals, I create work for a broad range of clients. Here’s just a sample. For a look at my portfolio archive, just ask. 

Illustration |  Magazine & Editorial Illustration  |  Infographics | Cut-away | Traditional Hand Drawn | Comics | Character Design | Storyboarding | Cartoons | Caricature | Business Cards | Flyers and Posters | Educational | Sales presentations