Jumping off the printed page.

Print and graphic design. JCU offer a range of creative solutions for printproducing catalogues and promotional design material for all industry sectors. Whatever the product or service we’ll find fresh original concept and layout designs that sell you on the page.

With items such as flyers and poster it’s good practice not to see them in isolation. When flyers are  displayed alongside other flyers on stands and racks, they need to to fight for attention. Knowing in advance the end placement for flyers and posters helps in getting the design right.

From business cards to large scale banner adverts JCU studio provides not only the finished artwork but also help and guidance on the best formats for your target audience. From concept to completion, ideas and pre-visuals are shown at every stage of the process to ensure the end product is the perfect reflection of initial design brief.  Reference sheets and colours guides are provided to make any new promotional material consistent and impactful.

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